Nikki & Alan

I got invited to a PRINCESS party!!! How lucky am I?

I arrived at the Killaloe Hotel to be welcomed by a wonderful family. The Ashmores. Nikki, her mum, her gran, her bridesmaids and adorable children.

Killaloe, it's a stunning place to be, but I must admit that the Killaloe Hotel - takes the whole place one step further! It magnifies just how beautiful this area is!

From the moment I set foot into the hotel, my day was transformed into something magical!

Nikki and Alan chose a Disney theme style to their day and it more than delivered! Their children had the most input into the day which made it so special.

Nikki met 2 men from the Killaloe Sailing Club the night before her wedding day following a cancellation from original plans and they kindly offered their boat, which definitely added to the whole experience... Alan got to live his "James Bond Dream"

The whole day from start to finish was so beautiful. Two incredible people and their 3 amazing children and their extended family. Wow! Real life! Real Love, a real family.

There was no lack of crying. Joy wasn't an option - it was compulsory because you cannot fault a minute of the day.

I am so privileged to have been chosen by Nikki and Alan and wish you both so much love & happiness in your life together with your 3 wonderful children.

This is just a small snippet into some of the special moments of the day!