Fiona & Brian's special moment at Ballymagarvey Village

I had the pleasure of meeting Fiona and Brian a few days before their wedding day and to hear segments of their story was so touching but it also showed me that their wedding day was not just their wedding day. It was a culmination of so many aspects of their lives coming together into a moment, their moment.

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The wonderful Partners in crime, Mark & Claire

The Carriage Rooms of Montalto were the setting to this elegant and beautiful wedding of Mark & Claire. This was the perfect backdrop to celebrate the love story of these two lovebirds.

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Who needs Parma Ham & Prosecco when you can just hang out with Katie & Marc?!

He planned to ask her on the cliffs of Dover

Parma ham, prosecco to woo her over.

But when she came back from the clearance aisle

His plan for Italia ran a mile.

She only went and got a load of munch

Which only showed, she don’t ask for much

And all that’s required for a moment like this,

Is just two beating hearts, and a sneaky kiss.

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Catherine & Denis

Faithlegg in Waterford provided the perfect setting for the wedding of Catherine & Denis. A couple madly in love with each other ever since that night Denis spoke of saying, “I was on a work night out & Catherine was celebrating the beginning of a new chapter in her life after passing her final exams in becoming a qualified accountant.

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Clare & Erik

It was awesome to be invited to spend the morning with Clare, Erik and their family during their wedding preparations and really get a sense of what these guys are all about. The relaxed atmosphere in their house was so nice to experience and I think it really set the tone for how the day was going to roll.

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Liam & Orla had that "Picture This" moment! (highlight video below)

A personal message from favourite band Picture This, the sharing of some personal notes and gifts to each other while surrounded by so much love from their children, family and friends. This was the perfect start to the perfect day for Orla & Liam and their children.

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When fate turned into a date and a date turned into.... Anna & David ... & Oisín

Anna & David had a picture perfect wedding day in Glasson Hotel & Golf Club. These two lovebirds showed the world that fate can be a gift and quite often, even those things that challenge us can blossom into something rather beautiful!

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Sharon & Declan share 14 St Patricks Days!

Sharon & Declan, thank you so much for booking me as your wedding videographer. It was a pleasure for me to meet you both, Cyrus your wonderful families, mums, friends and neighbours. From the little stories from your lives and how you met to the stunning details that were put into creating such a great day - your wedding day was something very special.

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Even when time stands still... Emma & David's hearts beat for each other.

When I met both Emma and David, I could instantly see what it is like when time stands still. Two people lead by the beating of their own hearts, instinctively gliding through the schedule of their wedding day - ready to become one on the first day of the new chapter in their lives together. Nothing was going to stop these 2 from declaring their lives to each other, surrounded by those who love them the most.

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A snapshot of 12 Years

Beautiful sentiments, 12 years of memories, a gorgeous beach on a cold day, a lovely couple so much in love, memory lane with some camcorder videos of childhood and parents wedding, amazing friendships and quite possibly the longest yet most thoughtful speeches I have ever heard - The marriage of Caoimhe and Gary was perfect!…..

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