Even when time stands still... Emma & David's hearts beat for each other.

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“Sometimes I yearn for a place, where its always night and the time stands still. Where the only light I see is my reflection in your eyes; and the only music I hear is your heartbeat.”

- SeekeRohan

Emma, Davids beautiful wife, got him a pair of beautiful clock faced cufflinks. He carried on him a family heirloom that was a pocket watch passed through generations in his family. It got me thinking about time and how our lives can be lead so much by it. Schedules, calendars, the daily running of things. But when time stops. When the pendulum ceases its ticking sound, what do we have?

The beating of our hearts.

When I met both Emma and David, I could instantly see what it is like when time stands still. Two people lead by the beating of their own hearts, instinctively gliding through the schedule of their wedding day - ready to become one on the first day of the new chapter in their lives together. Nothing was going to stop these 2 from declaring their lives to each other, surrounded by those who love them the most.

With a setting like the stunning Kilkea Castle, this day was sheer elegance from start to finish. The stunning lodges on site, the Baronial Hall for the ceremony, drinks reception in the castle itself to the breathtaking room back in the Baronial Hall for dinner - all stunning. And not to forget the exquisite grounds!

Their beautiful ceremony was lead by Berenice Farrell at Spiritual Ceremonies who just delivered such a touching, personal and impressive service.

I have to also give a shout out to Emma’s hairstylist Aisling Hamill for the incredible work she did on Emma, her bridal party and her mom. They all looked so fab. @soulfullyaisling on Instagram! And the fabulous makeup provided by Michelle Field Makeup @michelle_field_makeup on Instagram. This pair worked so well together and definitely kept me entertained during the morning.

It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside Foran & Sauvage Photography. Ruth & Martin were such a pleasure to work alongside, and it is safe to say we got on very well and had some lol’s. Their work is beautiful, check them out!

Lastly, I would like to end with just a huge thank you to Emma and David for inviting me to your day. You planned such a gorgeous day, and it was an absolute pleasure for me to capture it and meet you and your family and friends. You were one of the first couples to book me in my first year of business and thus, are a huge part of my own growth and journey. It really means so much to me that you believed in and trusted me to film your day. As an observer, I can only say that you 2 are so perfect for each other and individually 2 very well rounded and beautiful people and it is clear to me that you are so loved by everyone whom you encounter in life. I wholeheartedly believe that you have such a bright, loving and happy life together ahead of you and I am so thankful to you both that I could be part of the beginning of your new chapter.

I wish you so much adventure, love, happiness and laughs together. May your marriage to each other continue to show each of you the perfect reflection of yourselves within each other. And may every time you embrace and look at each other be that precious moment for each of you when time stands still.

Please enjoy this short sneak peek video of the day below.

Until we cross paths again,

My best wishes

Mark x

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